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Willie Romo
157 votes·14 comments
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6mo ago
Barbara Snyderbefore
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6mo ago
Elizabeth Foretafter! she can rock the bald look kudos to her 👍🏼
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6mo ago
Bonnie Ramospixie cut
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6mo ago
Anne AllenLoved her hair before, but she can rock any do so i guess both
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6mo ago
Jerri BradfordAfter hands down
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6mo ago
Mark HutchinsonHow about neither? :(
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6mo ago
Gloria Moormanpixie all the way!
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6mo ago
Laura Stalnakerher dreads were the best
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6mo ago
Edna TranthamShe's so pretty, any hairdo would work
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6mo ago
Mildred Kestersonshe can rock the shaved head
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6mo ago
Shawn KarnBoth!!! She always looks gorgeous
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6mo ago
Charlie Shrevelong hair don't care
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6mo ago
Ian CarrascoBefore, she looks really classy
1468266819 56d04d91 a9c2 4e21 8642 9b63d03f7bfd 100x100%401x
6mo ago
Allene Failsi hate this blonde pixie cut...everyone just steals each others style
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