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Cheryl Evans
Olivia Palermo
Jessica Alba
7,999 votes·10 comments
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2mo ago
Jody BrownOlivia >>
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2mo ago
Geraldine BeasleyOlivia Palmero is a queen!
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2mo ago
Marie HeathI love Jessica's dress 😍
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2mo ago
Diana Jonesjessi!!
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2mo ago
Barbara Sanchezolivia easily
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2mo ago
Loraine Fosterolivia dresses the best!
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2mo ago
Erin HackerOlivia for sure.
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2mo ago
Tricia KnightonLove Jessica!
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2mo ago
Helen AbbeyOlivia Palermo
1468269806 799db506 9d6f 428d 8069 21b43dc548db 100x100%401x
2mo ago
Marcella Raffolivia is a style queen
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