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Ian Greiner
12 votes·15 comments
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5mo ago
Helen LeePink! Just wish it was a little lighter shade.
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5mo ago
Joyce Wallacepink!!! so summery
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5mo ago
Ruby Ramirezpink! that color is so in right now
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5mo ago
Susan SiasPink!
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5mo ago
Avelina Lesliei love that green color!! and the phone case so cute
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5mo ago
Kelly Stewartleaning towards the the cactus print
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5mo ago
Belia Collinsthat green is too grenn
1468338170 08a059c6 40d1 46ac 90b6 b25b2cfdc85b 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Helen Leachgreen would look great with an all black outfit which is pretty much all i wear lol
1468270871 eae94378 817c 440b bff9 b95050a2a6be 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Brenda LunaBoth! Ill carry 'em at the same time lol
1468256805 6c99eb11 b964 4052 87bb 20a33aee8bbc 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Marilyn Jeffersonpink for sure
1468270067 b107045b 22b2 4de9 bc32 3d5e1b3df758 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Ann Meltonim leaning towards millennial pink
1467922839 c8864fa7 b336 47a0 ab55 64b50c7d6834 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Barbara Sengpink 💖
1467306910 a631b0bb 7920 46f4 8df8 3e63a7b8fc34 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Erica ChenWhat does grenn mean? lol jk
1468256462 9f2e5668 cb6f 4a17 b05a 722e055a2826 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Bonnie Caruthersthe pink is more my style, ad i already have a green one
1467902215 c005bf08 09c3 4a64 9593 7d3c6e091ae4 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Dean BuecheMy mom has the green one I think, idk all these things look the same to me
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