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Deborah Smith
Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask
Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster
Refinery29: This Is What You Need For A Crazy Glow — & It's Not Unicorn Highlighter
22 votes·14 comments
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6mo ago
Carmen McGeeclinique products are the best
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6mo ago
Candelaria Nicholasfresh has such amazing face masks
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6mo ago
Betty StevensonClinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster!
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6mo ago
Luz ConnorsLove clinique products! i'd go with the right
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6mo ago
Paula Sixanything by fresh
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6mo ago
Jill Orrclinique! love their stuff
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6mo ago
Chi Masseyfresh
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6mo ago
Cindy BeckmannFresh Vitamin for me, i swear by their skin line
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6mo ago
Andre Petersendoes it actually work?
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6mo ago
Sharon BlackwoodI've been using Clinique forever! It's the best
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6mo ago
Phyllis ArmijoClinique > anything
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6mo ago
Susan WhitfieldI love Clinique. I'm very OCD and picky about my beauty products and it's the only one that works for my skin
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6mo ago
Robert Wadefresh vitamin
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6mo ago
Elaine Lawsonclinique
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