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Kristen Nakashima
Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk
Dr. Jart Every Sun Day
Allure: Sorry, But Korean Sunscreens Are Better Than Western Ones
9 votes·9 comments
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5mo ago
Angela RezendesDr. Jart? Never heard of that one. I like Missha though
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5mo ago
Ralph Padillai thought i was the only one who knew about dr jart its the best
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5mo ago
Mandy BreaultDr, Jart is so good
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5mo ago
Janel Andersondr jart 🙌🏽
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5mo ago
Anna Vallejomissha
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5mo ago
Toya Halldr. jart has the best stuff so im sure this is great
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5mo ago
Pamela Alvaradodr jart for me
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5mo ago
Leslie Lujanmissha!!
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5mo ago
Angela MelchorMy friends keep telling me about Missha, is it any good?
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