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Jamie Glass
Cleansing oil
Cleansing stick
7,961 votes·12 comments
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3mo ago
Kathy MoffettBoth are weird tbh.
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3mo ago
Kiyoko LoveThe cleansing oil.
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3mo ago
Mickie HayesNeed the cleansing stick, genius.
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3mo ago
Mittie Greggsticks
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3mo ago
Ronald Adamsprefer oils above all
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3mo ago
Angela McIntoshcleansing oils are the best for oily skin
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3mo ago
Maria Bettencourtcleansing sticks!
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3mo ago
Frances Campionoils please!
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3mo ago
Simone EvansI've only ever tried oils
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3mo ago
Nicole Plumbwhats a cleansing stick? How does it work?
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3mo ago
Ariane BellJust bought a new cleansing stick, we'll see what happens
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3mo ago
Noma BoylesI use cleansing oils bc i have dry skin
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