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Shoe Queen
Bandier: Shoes
47 votes·14 comments
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8mo ago
Ryan Graynike so much more with the trends
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8mo ago
Felicia ThompsonNikeee
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8mo ago
Janet Conley@ryan agree!
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8mo ago
Amy Herrmannike duh
1467306118 c866fd0c 7ed9 4a43 aee5 3b17d07b9912 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Jay Colenike
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8mo ago
Janet MauzyReebok, come on
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8mo ago
Ryan JordanNIKE!!
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8mo ago
Angela Russellreebok has some nice stuff now
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8mo ago
Judith UnderhillNike!!
1468264055 66241d79 b033 4b37 92e6 9ff709e4ddcf 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Iva SingletonReebok yo... Nike is whack
1467925904 23a0e268 ccff 43c0 ad4d 82ca4b1f93e1 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Isela DickersonNike-- there is no question
1468259610 252aaaef 05e3 4c30 a967 f1c9fb1b4015 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Betty FinchReebok!!
1467924528 009179a7 50cf 450a 9585 5d4e2c4bc35b 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Fannie Gorskithe reeboke vintage sneakers are dope
1468263943 12154cec 3a5e 49ae 8a40 ff1e5debfbda 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Doug OntiverosReebok of course
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