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Joanna Jenkins
Ribbed knit tank dress
High-low jersey dress
Refinery29: The $10 Dress Lauren Conrad Has In 10 Colors
17 votes·12 comments
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7mo ago
Joanne PollockAll black > any other color. So def that low dress.
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7mo ago
Theresa Carpenterthe ribbed knit tank but in black
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7mo ago
Jeanne Greenhigh low jersey is where it's at, and it's super cheap!
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7mo ago
Alyssa Bardendepends on your body type but i like the ribbed tighter one
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7mo ago
Mary PylesRibbed knit tank dress so my body can come through!
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7mo ago
Clara Moorethink you should have 1 of both haha
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7mo ago
Jeanie Chiltonjersey dress!
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7mo ago
Lora LeeLove that ribbed dress but I'd want it in black
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7mo ago
Sharon Taylorjersey dress wins
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7mo ago
Kristy Laseterjersey dress
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7mo ago
Nicole ParrisThe black one, can never have too many!
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7mo ago
Carolyn HintonJersey dresses are super hot
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