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Johnna Pedersen
Round Sunglasses
Hoop Earrings
7,702 votes·10 comments
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2mo ago
Marcia DonnellyI love a good pair of hoops!
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2mo ago
Debra BoltonHoops all day
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2mo ago
Marian BernierI love those sun glasses 😍
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2mo ago
Amanda HenryI rock both at the same time tbh
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2mo ago
Oralia Jacksonhoop earrings!!
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2mo ago
Teri Batesround shades!!
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2mo ago
Hazel Arteagahoooppp
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2mo ago
Anita EverettBig hoop earrings for sure
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2mo ago
Gertrude Davishoops!
1467928296 06bac338 d348 427b a5ba 4aca786f808c 100x100%401x
2mo ago
Amie Gellerhoops are my shiiiiiettttt
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