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Carol Jacobson
Level Shoes: Todd's
12 votes·14 comments
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5mo ago
Bernadine GarnerI gotta say.. the art on the bottom is pointless.. no one will ever see it
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5mo ago
Betty Belton💕💕
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5mo ago
Beth Santossuper fab
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5mo ago
Adeline Conawaythese are dope!
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5mo ago
Yvonne Mullinsnot feeling it tbh
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5mo ago
Mary LoweI love these!
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5mo ago
Justin Brownthese are kinda cool. wait are they womens?
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5mo ago
Jean Gobin👍🏾
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5mo ago
Tanya Rogersehhhh not my style
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5mo ago
Joan Wehmeyerdrab. sry just not my style
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5mo ago
Nestor VeraNot really into them tbh
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5mo ago
Judy Andradethis is very different for todds
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5mo ago
Scarlet Stricklinim just not into loafers in general
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5mo ago
Mary Johnsonsooooo cute
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