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Florence Chamberland
Need it!
Marie Claire: Spanx for Your Under-Eye Bags Now Exists
11 votes·14 comments
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5mo ago
Barbara ScottAre we putting spandex on our eyes now??
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5mo ago
Dorothy WhiteI don't get it...
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5mo ago
Beverly HewittYes please!! Anything to get rid of these eye bags!
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5mo ago
Christina Brownunnnnnecessary
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5mo ago
Peggy Dabrowskiwhat does this even mean?
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5mo ago
Therese Morelliive heard of this before 😂
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5mo ago
Natasha RademacherHuhhhhh how does this work
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5mo ago
Eve BlackLike to cover wrinkles and stuff???
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5mo ago
Steven StephensonI dont get it?
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5mo ago
Nichole HoeftIf it hides my dark under eye circles im down
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5mo ago
Jacqueline Hansonexplain
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5mo ago
Juliet Bakerthis is insane
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5mo ago
Christie Dempsteri mean I would try it why not
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5mo ago
Arlene ShieldsI saw how it works in the post vote, Im very interested
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