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Michelle Miller
119 votes·12 comments
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6mo ago
Lee Emmerif you are in a sci fi movie sure
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6mo ago
Elizabeth KimWhen you wanna pull off that Transformers look
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6mo ago
David Akinswtf
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6mo ago
Sally Galbraithfad...
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6mo ago
Bethany Flowersdefinitely not forever
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6mo ago
Antonio Ewinghopefully this is just a fad..
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6mo ago
Jennifer McNattfad for sure
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6mo ago
Meghann O'NeillForever!!😍
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6mo ago
Audrey SurrettNo no no no no no no
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6mo ago
Hilda Taborfad!!
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6mo ago
Sylvia Byrnesno
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6mo ago
Maria Farinajust a fad for sure these are hideous
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