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Wilma Holland
102 votes·14 comments
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6mo ago
Betty Carrhow do you do this?
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6mo ago
Sarah AlbertDo you update them every day with the latest news?
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6mo ago
Ray KingThis is kinda cool!
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6mo ago
Edmund Petethis must take forever for someone to put on
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6mo ago
Peggy BritoBreaking news: don't do this!
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6mo ago
Luther LacherWhat in the world are these crazy trends?? and who comes up with them
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6mo ago
Donald Lalibertekinda cool
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6mo ago
Sally GreeneI did this is 7th grade lolol
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6mo ago
Rebecca Wheelerits different I like it
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6mo ago
Kenneth MarshallHow do you even get that on your nail doe?
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6mo ago
Ebony Corleynawt
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6mo ago
Louise Perrone@sally me too, my friends and I would use magazines!
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6mo ago
Vera Ayrescool idea I guess
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6mo ago
Delbert Monroewoahhhh I want to know how to do this
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