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Hattie Cole
Fab 🔥
Drab 👎
Color Pop Cosmetics
199 votes·11 comments
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6mo ago
Alice Everettfab
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6mo ago
Barbara JonesFab!!
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6mo ago
Janice HairstonFABULOUS 🔥❤️
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6mo ago
Clarence RubinGorgeous
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6mo ago
Ashley CapersFab if you pull it off right
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6mo ago
David TorresThis is really pretty
1468335790 a57826e4 d1a9 46d6 a1ac 32257776c7d5 100x100%401x
6mo ago
Brandi BennettThis is a really cute look
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6mo ago
Ashley Hallfab fa sure!
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6mo ago
Marilyn Mosernatural looking it's nice
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6mo ago
Leslie JohnsonI like it with neutral colors not bold colors
1468261859 c6d38973 9c15 4a3e b9db 552928caf2ab 100x100%401x
6mo ago
Rose McDonaldcute!!
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