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Elinor Thompson
Need it
Leave it
8 votes·12 comments
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5mo ago
Maile FloodI love this!
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5mo ago
Selena MickleMy friend swears by this mask
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5mo ago
Elsa ErbI've been meaning to try this!
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5mo ago
Marianna WatsonIve never tried this brand before! any good?
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5mo ago
Dawn Browninggot this as a bday present but havent used it yet
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5mo ago
Shelly Bonei love any type of masks
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5mo ago
Diane SchaeferHeard its amazing
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5mo ago
Allie HuffmanWhat makes it so special??
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5mo ago
Michelle KlossGotta try it!
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5mo ago
Jason Bigelowneeeed it
1468333608 dbcbd96c f76b 4002 af9e 7bcf62a0f35b 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Laura Davislol jason^ im sure u use a purifying mask
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5mo ago
Lois KleinI would use it for sure
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