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Irene Jimenez
Yes, of course
No way
Shop: Fabletics
12 votes·14 comments
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5mo ago
Betty HarveyOf course it is, why wouldn't it be
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5mo ago
Peter KingIdk if bigger people should wear the sports bras and shorts and stuff, everything else is fine
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5mo ago
Ruby GarnerIf you're actually using it to workout then go for it!
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5mo ago
Kathryn CourtoisOf course it is!! All clothing is
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5mo ago
Patricia RodriguezWhy wouldnt it be????
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5mo ago
Ricarda CoulterHelll yes and i love that more brands are brancing out into plus sizes
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5mo ago
Angela Johnsonof course it is.. why wouldnt it be?
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5mo ago
Michael Lopesno its only for people who actually go to the gym. otherwise youre being a poser
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5mo ago
Thelma Smithof course! beauty comes from within
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5mo ago
Dorothy Jacksonthats ridiculous people can wear what they want
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5mo ago
Darrell Osbornsome people look better in it than others for sure
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5mo ago
Lori Hermanfor sure!
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5mo ago
Emily Gulleyof course
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5mo ago
Jeannie Sparksnahhhhh its really not
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