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Flossie Moore
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Herbivore Botanicals: Pink Clay Soap
11 votes·9 comments
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7mo ago
Dolly CastileDoes it smell nice? Has anyone here tried it before?
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7mo ago
Luis CarterI'm allergic to scented stuff. No seriously. Like medically, I have to use unscented soaps ☹️
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7mo ago
Arthur Bishopew.
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7mo ago
June Rodriguezthat color is so pretty
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7mo ago
Pamela KunkelLooks so pretty, I'd try it
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7mo ago
Josephine Spearsi mean the packaging loooks nice
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7mo ago
Shirley CareyIve used clay based soap in the past and its amazing
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7mo ago
Rosanna ConiglioYes, I just bought some, its so good!
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7mo ago
Gabriela Forrestneed it!! my friend Jo has this and loves the smell
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