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Kay Farfan
10 votes·14 comments
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7mo ago
Jessica BurkeYes, my mom always loves a good handbag!
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7mo ago
Mary LealI prefer jewelry actually
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7mo ago
Theresa ZeringueYes, this is one of the easiest gifts to give, everyone love it
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7mo ago
Jimmy Sillsagree-- every time im in trouble with any lady in my life (mom, gf, sister, cousin) i always buy them a handbag lol
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7mo ago
Derrick Pruettan unnecessary amount of money goes to the handbag industry
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7mo ago
Joann Vanhoyagree!!! a girl can never have too many handbags
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7mo ago
Patricia McDonaldDepends on the person. I know alot of girls that would love it but personally i wouldnt
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7mo ago
Joyce KellySuch a good idea cant go wrong with another handbag
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7mo ago
Sonia FeyAs long as its nothing too crazy def!
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7mo ago
Ida Chenieragree!!!
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7mo ago
Patti Love😍✨
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7mo ago
Chris Douseagree for sure
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7mo ago
Kathleen Halldisagree!
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7mo ago
Frances Brower❤️
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