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NailsOnNails 💅
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94 votes·13 comments
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8mo ago
Bernice Popeso cute 🌸
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8mo ago
Joanne BarnettLOVE
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8mo ago
Michael Nolangross
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8mo ago
Gwendolyn Walkerlove it
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8mo ago
Grace Jaramillomeh
1467920063 c0a9aa83 f5a7 4eb4 97f2 b087970ca69d 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Linda BlumLove this!!
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8mo ago
Jessica Nolandgotta get this next time
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8mo ago
Ben Priceleave it alone
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8mo ago
Vera GosselinFlorals for spring, groundbreaking!
1467913129 e2caf40e 0dd8 44e8 8a03 372f01f40238 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Judith Thompsonnever do any kind of design but I really liek this
1467921863 ea2b79c4 f1fd 448a 92be 8af2fc9ab7ce 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Rebecca HostetterI actually really like this trend, and im not a huge fan of nail art
1468261461 b7635193 a3fe 4c96 8fdd 5dc79f09a621 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Brian CorralesThat seems like too much work -- and it kinda ruins the look
1467754075 b1e97d4d eb05 4a37 bf35 1040f887a90a 100x100%401x
8mo ago
Leon Rollinsleavveeeeee
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