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Food Trendz 🍕🍟🍣
Rocky Road
Banana Split
Delish: 15 Fresh Takes On Ambrosia Salad
13 votes·14 comments
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7mo ago
Evelyn MillerDessert breakfast, lunch, and dinner anyone?! YES PLEASE
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7mo ago
Michael Jacksonnot a salad lol but yes
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7mo ago
Larry MaddenSign me up
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7mo ago
Dolores Bartlettyum!
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7mo ago
Shirley Thomasomg what is this?! looks amzing
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7mo ago
Erin Tillmanrocky road looks amazing!
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7mo ago
Anna Huertabanana split please 😍
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7mo ago
Wilma Gonzaleswhat exactly is a dessert salad?
1467753984 c7eda294 e741 4d5a bf1e 2034f20cbc76 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Lucy Vuehow is this a salad lol
1467824600 79c02172 6c46 4beb bedd 23f4345e26aa 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Dorothy Kingis that just ice cream?
1467905024 2e734732 8ddb 432f aa10 63581e398e53 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Olivia BlakeYes, but this is not a salad lol
1467305437 c4e8f986 310f 442a 8f9d 847cc8c453ac 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Anthony Phillipsthese both look sooo delicious
1467920672 a0a4e11c 9adc 46a2 9cdf 68eb24c3cd24 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Kerri Johnsonbanana spilts are top 5 all-time
1467826307 cd054896 5408 4736 b19c b327a609e9e0 100x100%401x
7mo ago
Willie Seamanmy minds telling me no... but my belly is telling me yes
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