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Wilmer Legere
Shop: Soludos
11 votes·14 comments
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5mo ago
Jane CasavantI want both!
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5mo ago
Kristen LiddellWhat a clever idea, I love the eyes
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5mo ago
Karen DolinThe eye ones are cute 👀
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5mo ago
Donna QuintanaThe ones that say hi!
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5mo ago
Kathy Junghahah i like the ones on the left, really cute
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5mo ago
Norma FloresI want both
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5mo ago
Rebecca GoshaNot a fan of graphics on my shoes but the actual shoe is nice
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5mo ago
Sandra Giddingsthe eyes!!! those are so cute! wat company is this
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5mo ago
William Dicarlo?? what company. wanna get a pair for my gf
1467924050 b9ad5567 9241 463a 91f5 eeb36835aa22 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Amber Alongithe eyes 🔥
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5mo ago
Patricia Castillowhere are these from?
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5mo ago
Dora Mooneylove them both i cant decide lol
1468337323 5d725e79 0630 45bb a27e bb1905444a53 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Sylvia WattsI love the quote bubbles super cute
1467306788 5d16b575 20a3 41cd 8e87 1099a2a94dd8 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Louise Rutledgepass on em both honestly
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