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Shellie Clay
37 votes·12 comments
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5mo ago
Nicole KingFabbbbbbulous! ❤️ How much does this cost to get done though?
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5mo ago
Patricia Hollomansuper fab
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5mo ago
Sarah Landryshe can rock it!
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5mo ago
Heather BainbridgeOmg i love this! she pulls them off so well
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5mo ago
Donald MyersHow could anyone think this is drab???
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5mo ago
Palmer Davisdrab, too much going on here
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5mo ago
Lora Richardsonlol drab for a normal person somehow this girl pulls it off though
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5mo ago
Vicky Griegodrab
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5mo ago
Dana HudsonLove this! Go girl!!
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5mo ago
Martin Horan🌈❤️
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5mo ago
Charles EsquibelThese are insane, I love it!
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5mo ago
Matthew Swintonlooks like a lot of work
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