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Helen Galloway
Skin Inc. Pure Serum-Mist
Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Spray
Byrdie: 15 Face Mists That Make Your Skin Prettier
7 votes·11 comments
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5mo ago
Joshua PintoMy gf loves Marc Jacobs
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5mo ago
Pamela StarksSkin Inc is so good
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5mo ago
Laura EdwardsWhats a face mist???
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5mo ago
Grace OdomAnything marc jacobs esp if it smells like coconut!
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5mo ago
Rebecca AdamsThe coconut one is probably soo refreshing
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5mo ago
Marleen Smithid want to marc jacobs but probably is very expensive
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5mo ago
Lala Debnamskin inc
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5mo ago
Marcia Morrisyou cant compare the two, they have really diff price points
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5mo ago
Linda Wilsonhow expensive are these?
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5mo ago
Paulette WoodrumMake up is too expensive and a lot of the stuff you dont need
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5mo ago
Chrystal KinneyMarc Jacobs everything
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