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Karen Miller
Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Mask
L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask
Elle: 9 Charcoal Masks That Will Detox Your Face
10 votes·11 comments
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5mo ago
Carolyn PowerI tried this Korean mask once I forget the name... never tried anything quite like it
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5mo ago
Ruth Fitzgeraldl'oreal 😍
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5mo ago
Myrtle Youngcharcoal masks can do anything
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5mo ago
Erin Keatonboscia has the best masks. period.
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5mo ago
Stephanie BartelBoscia!! i love their products
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5mo ago
Sandra Byrdcharcoal baby
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5mo ago
Abigail TatmanLOREAL till i die
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5mo ago
Rhonda FisherL'Oreal is soooo good
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5mo ago
Stephanie Torresall of boscias products leavemy skin looking flawless
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5mo ago
Barbara Knappboscia!
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5mo ago
Amanda Macdonaldl'oreal! I use so much of their stuff already
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