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Joseph Brake
ALDO: Zellina Sneakers
13 votes·12 comments
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5mo ago
Tania WalkerNo thanks, too much sparkle
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5mo ago
Naomi AguileraLove these!
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5mo ago
Emma FloresI'd wear these all summer!
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5mo ago
Elizabeth McIverCute but not my style
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5mo ago
Claudia JensenWow NEED
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5mo ago
Mary Atwoodnot a fan of sparkly sneakers
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5mo ago
Myrtle MathewsToo much sparkle for me
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5mo ago
Jessica Wagneromg these are so cuet!! i need themmm
1467734849 da06b057 5c6e 4d92 9fa8 5a8cb52cb7c7 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Juan Morrillthese are fugly
1467740852 fc8ab1d1 28bb 4866 9bb0 e8d541ff717e 100x100%401x
5mo ago
Sharee Mendozasuper fab
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5mo ago
Renee Wilsona little over the top for me honestly
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5mo ago
Lottie Mahurinmeh...pass.
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