Get Feedback From Your Exact Audience

Test product concepts & make data driven decisions.

What are Winq polls?

We believe in the power of data. Our community of millennials has shared over 30 million opinions on topics ranging from the political climate to beauty, fitness, fashion and more.

For brands, Winq polls are the most engaging, organic way to get real time, unbiased feedback from people in your target demo. Our polls are an addictive, highly accurate way to gauge market interest and generate leads based on customer intent.

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Why market research?

Lower risk with customer insights

Never rely on your gut or historical data again. Let your target audience tell you what it needs right now.

Increase your chance of product success

Get real time, unbiased feedback within 24 hours to make better business decisions.

Understand your target customers

Market research using Winq polls provides you insight into your most valuable asset, your audience.

How it works

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Create your poll

Creating a Winq takes less than a minute. Our team will guide you on how to get thousands of opinions quickly.

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Define your audience

Target your exact prospective customers to get feedback and capture them as leads to increase sales.

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Get real time feedback & brand awareness

Winq is the only platform that allows you to get unbiased feedback and generate sales at the same time.

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